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Call Visual Sign Design at 301-606-8111, or fill out the appropriate questionnaire.

Please have it in a Vector (outline) format (PDF, eps, ai) file.

No worries, VSD will design one for you.

That will depend on the job, everything created is custom designed for each client. Here are some basic questions to think about before placing your order.

Please use the Questionnaires as a guide.

What Kind of Sign(s) do you need: Please check the List of Signs Types or fill out our Questionnaire. Note: It’s OK if it is not listed, VSD loves a good challenge.

Colors: What colors you would like to use? Or you can let VSD pick them.

Quantity: How many signs do you need. Note: With the larger wayfinding projects that may need to be determined.

Will the Sign(s) be double sided or single sided?

Will it be illuminated or non-illuminated?
Is there electric hook up at the site already?

For large signs VSD needs a photo of where the sign is going to be installed.
And a measurement of something in the photo so VSD can enlarge it to scale.
Please be sure to try and take it straight on.
Note: Photo will be required for signs that need a permit.

What is the allowable square footage for the sign(s)?
This question is for clients who are interested in exterior signage such as a Monuments sign, Store Front Signage or Channel Letters etc.
You can get this information from your property owner, your property management company or the City in which the sign(s) will be installed. Most cities have their own Sign Guide.
If your business is located in a multi-tenant building, a shopping center or is a service station there is likely a Master Sign Program that will take precedence over the city guide.

Not for Interior signs, unless it’s a very large sign (for example inside a mall).
You will need a permit for large exterior signs.

Most sign companies will get the permit for you for a fee.
Or, you can get the permit on your own.
Note: please keep in mind that most sign companies will not start the work until they have the permit or know that the permit is approved. If you want them to start the work without the permit, most sign companies will have you sign a waiver.

That depends on how big the job is and how much time it will take. VSD charges by the hour.
Tip: The more information given to VSD the less time it will take to do the research. Having these items will speed up the process: address of sign location, photo of sign location, logo in correct format, colors picked out, text for sign, allowable square footage if needed (see questionnaires).

You don’t want to get stuck with a sign company that has already started the design process. Visual Sign Design will take the time to design your signs to your satisfaction first. Then VSD will reach out to various sign companies in your area for quotes (or you can get the quotes on your own) for the best pricing. You will find that not all sign companies are the same. Their quotes vary quite a bit. Our designs will be sent to the sign company of your choice. VSD will supply them with usable art files to scale, for production to make the signs. So, there should be no additional design fees charged to you. VSD will help you find the right sign company in your area to fit your needs and your wallet.

Once you pick the sign company of your choice, VSD will send all files to scale to that sign company for production and install. At that point you’re in good hands and VSD has completed their portion of the project. But, if you are local VSD will help oversee the project.

Because everything is custom designed VSD will look at the scope of the project to determine what the down payment should be (if any) before starting the work. Most large projects will require a down payment. If you have used VSD services before and have good standings, there is no down payment required.

VSD has been in the sign industry for over 20 years with working knowledge of materials and equipment used in the sign industry. VSD also does design work for sign companies.

For any questions not answered above please email us here.

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