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10 Tips for Creating a Sign That Works Your in-store signs and graphics could mean the difference between making a sale and letting customers walk out the door without spending a dime. Randy Scarborough, vice president of retail marketing for FedEx Services, Inc., said signs and graphics reach customers at the point they are making a buying decision. He added that promoting a small business with signs, banners or posters is one of the most economical ways to reach the greatest number of potential customers. A new study by FedEx Office revealed small business owners see great value in their signs and graphics. Specifically, more than half of those surveyed find in-store signs and graphics effective in attracting customers to their businesses. To help small businesses design impactful signs and graphics, Scarborough offers 10 tips: Potential customers will generally view a graphic for only 20 seconds, so be bold and concise. The graphic should simply […]

When It Comes to Business Signs, Bigger Is Better When it comes to business signs, bigger tends to better for shoppers, new research shows. A study by marketing professor James Kellaris of the University of Cincinnati found that signs that are too small or unclear could be construed as a communication failure, which can lead to profit losses for both the business and the community it is in. “About half the population surveyed in 2011 has driven by and failed to find a business due to signage and communication failure,” Kellaris said. “This persistent, growing national problem is frustrating for consumers and can lead to loss of business and, by extension, loss of tax revenue for the community.” The study found that while problems with small and confusing signs affect all groups and ages, women experience signage communication failure more than men. Kellaris’ research shows that shoppers favor signs that are […]