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Very Interesting Article for Lovers of Vintage Business Signs For original article and author click here. FADED GLORY, The paintings of Loraine Lamb Lalonde By Jeff Russ APRIL 16, 2018   Canadian organic farmer and former signmaker Loraine Lamb Lalonde’s fascination with signs began as a child on her grandparents’ farm. Frugality is often the mother of invention, and Loraine’s grandfather found many practical uses for the old tin signs discarded by local merchants. These vintage signs became the backdrop for her earliest memories. An artist from an early age, Loraine was always drawing or painting. As is often the case, she soon got requests to make signs for neighboring businesses in her hometown of Ormstown, QC, outside of Montreal. These first projects revealed Loraine’s signmaking skills, and dealing with clients gave her valuable business experience.  After high school and college, Loraine put down her paintbrushes and focused her energies on […]