10 Tips for Creating a Sign That Works

Your in-store signs and graphics could mean the difference between making a sale and letting customers walk out the door without spending a dime.

Randy Scarborough, vice president of retail marketing for FedEx Services, Inc., said signs and graphics reach customers at the point they are making a buying decision. He added that promoting a small business with signs, banners or posters is one of the most economical ways to reach the greatest number of potential customers.

A new study by FedEx Office revealed small business owners see great value in their signs and graphics. Specifically, more than half of those surveyed find in-store signs and graphics effective in attracting customers to their businesses. To help small businesses design impactful signs and graphics, Scarborough offers 10 tips:

  • Potential customers will generally view a graphic for only 20 seconds, so be bold and concise.
  • The graphic should simply begin the selling process, not contain every tidbit of information. 
  • Pick three important features or benefits, and include only those.
  • Benefits should differentiate your product or service from the competition.
  • Don’t waste space on an obvious attribute or a feature all of your competitors offer. 
  • Include a call to action … “find out how,” “ask your representative,” “limited time offer,” “try a taste,” “register to save,” etc. 
  • Remember to monitor and track results so you can fine-tune future messages.
  • Train employees to ask, “How did you hear about us?” or “What brings you in today?” to test results.
  • Find an expert to help walk you through the signs and graphics process.
  • Bright colors and bold images, refreshed regularly, keep your business top of mind with customers.

Originally published on Business News Daily

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